A Little Miss Adventure - The Big Toyshop


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There were five Little Misses in all, boys and girls.

In addition to Little Misses Drug-fucked and Cocksucker, there was Little Miss Putrid who lived far away in the land of The Queen.  Little Miss Cocksucker befriended her on a recent "R and R" (Rooting and Rooting) holiday.

Little Miss Lost The Plot lived not quite as far away in a town named Perthetic, where hardly anyone has any perthonality.  Little Miss Butt-fucked lived very close to Little Miss Cocksucker in Slurry Hills.

Little Miss Butt-fucked so wanted to be a Marching Drag but failed the audition, as well as that of the Marching Boys, Marching Dogs, the Lead Float and all the shows for the Big Party.  So Little Miss Butt-fucked had no choice but to be true to her nature and join her Little Miss sisters.

the little misses getting a lesson in frock making
little misses butt-fucked and cock-sucker

Little Misses Cock Sucker and Butt Fucked

The Little Misses needed some help to become as big and round and flat as they should be for the Big Parade.  So they visited their friend Little Miss Mindless.  Little Miss Mindless worked at the Big Toy Shop in Erskineville, where she played with power tools and the minds of the young and impressionable.

The Little Misses worked tirelessly for days and days and days.  They hammered and glued, and painted and varnished, and sliced and grated, and julienned and spack-filled until they finished their frocks.

On seeing them, Little Miss Mindless enthused, "Wow . . . great", which was about as animated as she could be while she was inhaling her Therapeutic Cigarettes.




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