A Little Miss Adventure - The Recovery


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But the Little Misses were exhausted and worn out from all the adulation, so they escaped back to Little Miss Cocksucker's house to prepare for the Big Party.

Five Little Misses needing rejuvenation.

Five Little Misses wanting care and affection.

Five Little Misses changing out of their sweaty costumes.

Five Little Misses all showering together and washing each other squeaky clean.  Little Miss Butt-fucked dropped the soap repeatedly.  "No, don't go there!  ", warned Little Miss Putrid from experience.

So after the Five Little Misses pampered and preened each other like sisters do, they were transformed into big fluffy clouds of relaxation.  But just as they were about to float off into Nirvana, Little Miss Drug-fucked exclaimed, "Shit girls!  The Big Party!"

So they changed, imbibed some more and made their merry way back across Less is Moore Park to The Big Party.  But that is another story.

The next day the Little Misses looked at their dishevelled costumes with pride.  But sadly their joy was shortlived when they realised that Little Johnny Howard was the new Big Little Miss.

"Fuck!" they screamed, "How could this have happpened?"

"I'm so depressed," said a teary Little Miss Drug-fucked.  "What day is it?"

"It is Sunday," replied Little Miss Lost The Plot most emphatically.

"Are you sure? I don't understand then.  I don't usually feel like this until the Tuesday after a party."

They were soon to rename him Little Miss Governed.  And that story, boys and girls, is yet to have a happy ending.


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l to r: Little Misses Lost the Plot, Drug Fucked, Putrid, Cock Sucker and Butt Fucked unmasked.