A Little Miss Adventure - The Journey Home


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""You're so . . . so flat!" said Little Miss Cocksucker.

Little Miss Lost The Plot thought she knew the way home through Slurry Hills.  "C'mon, I know a shortcut! Follow me!", she hollered racing on ahead.  The four other trusting Little Misses followed the huge, flat, red Little Miss Lost The Plot, the sugar rush creating a surrealistic two dimensional world of vibrant color as they traversed the blackness of the Less is Moore Park, renamed from Moore Park due to the devastation wreaked by the Carr government during the construction of the Eastern Distributor.

"Past the Elephant's Foot!", cried Little Miss Butt-fucked.  Inside the Elephant's Foot, the patrons thought the Big Parade had started all over again.  "Look at the Little Misses!", they laughed into their schooners.




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