A Little Miss Adventure - The Big Parade


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The Little Misses jumped for joy as the Big Expensive Truck delivered Little Miss Butt-fucked and their beautiful costumes to the Big Parade Assembly point.  Little Miss Butt-fucked tended the costumes at the designated Assembly Point as she watched all the glamour pass by.

"They are so late.  How will the other Little Misses ever find me in all this chaos?" pondered a vexed Little Miss Butt-fucked.

little miss butt-fucked

Little Miss Butt Fucked

little miss putrid

Little Miss Putrid

The other Little Misses searched high and low, dodging tacky drags, news crews and overdosing on sequins.  They were almost swallowed by the Cronulla Oudoors group when, what do you know, there was a panicked Little Miss Butt-fucked amongst the pandemonium.

"Hurry, it's starting!" screamed Little Miss Butt-fucked.

Pausing only to swallow their cotton coloured candy and touch up their make-up, the Little Misses began their march into Big Parade legend.

On the Big Parade route, the happy children shrieked, "Look at the Little Misses!" in amazement at the wonder of it all.

"Don't look at them!" screamed the parents.

"Mummy, what's . . . butt-fucked?" said one. "Ask your father," replied Mummy.

little miss cock-sucker

Little Cock Sucker

little miss drug-fucked

Little Miss Drug Fucked

Following Little Miss New Zealand up the road, the Little Misses drank in the appreciation of their adoring fans.  At the end of the big parade, the sugar rush from the candy was beginning to take hold.




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