A Little Miss Adventure - The Election


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Little Miss Drug-fucked was driving Fifi, a Big Orange F100 utility truck borrowed from Mr Muscles, to the Big Parade with all the beautiful costumes on it when, "Bang Fut FUT pFUT!"  The ute had stopped.

The ute would not start.  "Fuckin' Fords!" cursed Little Miss Drug-fucked.

So Little Miss Drug-fucked ran as fast as her long, muscular legs would carry her, all the way back to the Big Toy Shop where she consulted one of the hairy-legged ones wearing comfortable shoes, whilst Little Misses Putrid and Lost The Plot guarded the costumes at the truck.

"F100 ey mate?  By the way that you described those 'Bang Fut FUT pFUT!' noises it sounds as if Fifi is out of juice.  You'll need diesel," advised Little Miss Diesel.

Gerry-can in hand, Little Miss Drug-fucked ran back to Fifi.  GLUG-GLUG& went the diesel.  ;FUT pFUT NOTHING went the truck.

"Fuck shit cunt bitch gonads," wailed Little Miss Drug-fucked, "we are not going to make it to the big parade on time."  So she called Little Miss H..E..L..P..

VROOM VROOM went the van from the NRMA depot.  Out stepped Mr Jumper Lead.  "It's not a diesel mate.  It will have to be towed."

"Fuck shit cunt bitch gonads perineum prostate!" she railed at the vehicle.

Mr Jumper Lead radioed for Mr Tow Rope to take the ute to the garage next to the Big Toyshop.  It looked as if after all their hard work, toil and preparation, the Little Misses were going to miss the Big Parade.  Just then, the Big Expensive Truck belonging to the Australian Council Of Nepotism (A CON) drove past on the way to the Big Parade.

"Stop! Stop! Help us!" they cried.

"What's in it for me?" said A CON menacingly.

Little Miss Cocksucker offered her body. Little Miss Drug-fucked offered her mind. Little Miss Butt-fucked offered her first born, which A CON foolishly accepted.


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Bang Fut FUT pFUT