2007 - Karma Kleaners


Now playing: Karma Kleaners (the "Fuck off you spotty heterosexual cunt" parade mix)
by Boy George vs DJ Steve Allkins/James Hurley featuring "Mrs Sheen"

Thank you:
parade audio mix - Steve Allkins & James Hurley,
Glenn "Mrs Sheen" Watson,
choreography - John Hackett
photography - Allan Vella & Palani Narayanan,
videography - Andrew Bettridge,
parade preparation room - ACON & Dot Wilkins,
foreplay preparation room - NSW Users " AIDS Association Inc,
the make up artists of The 3 Arts Make-Up Centre, Chippendale - Amy, Samantha & Lyzah,
drivers - Evan Francis & John Engeler,
BGF for the "Boy George Foundation" Glamstand fun,
New Mardi Gras Parade Working Group,
fundraising raffle at MANACLE - Queer Screen, Always Fruitful & Razors Edge
and of course the Karma Kleaners themselves and paparazzi, all of them.

We are currently collating photos and a video of our 2007 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade entry, so drop back soon. In the meantime you can find some photos at flickr, a slide and videoshow by Peter Edmonds and a review of the parade on a number of links.

And remember: "Kleanliness is next to George-liness"