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I was walking up Oxford Street one Saturday afternoon, still bereft of an idea for a Mardi Gras party costume.   I was just passing Clancy's Supermarket as two queens were discussing their shopping lists.   One queen asked, "What sort of soap do you want?".   The other replied, "Cussons Imperial Leather".

"QUEEN!" I thought.

After the 1996 Mardi Gras Parade was over, we all donned our Little Miss costumes again for the journey from Moore Park to Only Friend's (Little Miss Cocksucker's) house, through the back streets of Surry Hills.   Little Miss Lost the Plot was our guide. Needless to say our 'trip' was both memorable and quite an adventure.   Back home we all showered, freshened up, powdered our noses and we re-emerged in our party frocks, I as the Cussons Imperial Leather Queen.   It was then away to the Showgrounds to PARTAY!   The irony of "Cusson's Imperial Leather Queen" was lost on the majority of the 'wasted' party patrons, with most of them believing I was dressed as a cake of soap.

The lesson I learnt from this episode was that inspiration can hit you at anytime, so it is best you carry a note book and pen ALWAYS.

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