2011 - Say Something

ethel yarwood enterprises is proud to have developed the design concept "Say Something" for the 2011 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras season with the intention of engaging the community with the Festival. You can also read more about the idea behind the concept.

This project will employ social media and a Street Art/digital poster campaign to allow YOU to Say Something. You can join the facebook community to become more involved and download files to create your own 2011 season poster to distribute digitally, post to the facebook community or distribute printed versions around your neighbourhood, on the street, in shops, at your gym for example or anywhere to have Your Say and spread the campaign. If you are not so digitally inclined you can even download predefined poster templates so you can create a hand made poster.

If you like other contributors' submissions you are permitted to download their artwork to redistribute as a print out or digitally. You can even create a video or a t-shirt if you are skilled and so inclined. Employing this philosophy of creating and sharing artwork we are expecting the campaign to go viral.

All artwork for this project will be submitted and distributed under the copyleft principle. In summary, you are free to download use, modify and redistribute the files or any artwork but you cannot benefit commercially from this campaign. Please read and adhere to the Say Something campaign guidelines.

There are other exciting initiatives planned for this campaign such as a facebook app, art installations and gallery, multi media projections to tie in with parade. Keep in touch with these projects by joining the facebook community. Also the are more ways that you can become involved in this project at the Mardi Gras Say Something page.