2000 - The Happy Little SODOMITES


model by Sue-Ellen Cox

In 1998, Sue-Ellen Cox attended a rally for equal rights for same-sex relationships held by the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby at Parliament House, Macquarie Street. Bruno Bouchet MC'ed at the rally and performed the Happy Little Vegemite jingle. Sue-Ellen thought that it would have been a more poignant statement at the rally had Bruno performed a "Happy Little SODOMITE" jingle instead. The seeds for a parade entry had been planted.

Then in late 1999 Dick Smith ran a campaign for the promotion of Australian made products. Dick highlighted the example of Vegemite, the cultural icon and quintessential Australian spread, being the product of Kraft, an American company. Sue-Ellen decided to use the 2000 Mardi Gras parade to parody this issue.

Refer to the design concept (pdf format - 141kB).

model of SODOMITE by Sue-Ellen Cox/artistic director