2000 - The Happy Little SODOMITES


"One must fight alongside the gay and lesbian
communities to gain the privilege of partying with us."

- polly tickle/lobbyist for ethel yarwood enterprises


The Happy Little SODOMITES, ethel yarwood enterprises and KRACK FOODS would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of our major sponsor the Oxford Hotel and the encouragement given by Terry Tournoff.

The Oxford is one of those rare institutions that have always been there for the gay and lesbian communities. Unlike many of the recent "Johnny-come-lately" corporations that only wish to be associated with us that one time of the year when they can line their pockets, the Oxford is there for us when it is time to fight, as well as when it is time to party. The Oxford has a proven track record supporting AIDS issues and gay and lesbian rights for many years. It requires more than blatant tokenism to gain the brand loyalty of the gay and lesbian communities. A lesson that could be well heeded by
"$ Inc".

We were very proud to be associated with The Oxford management and staff for the 2000 sydney gay+lesbian Mardi Gras season. We trust the new owners will retain their links to the gay and lesbian communities.

- benny factor/FUNdraising for ethel yarwood enterprises