model by Amanda Rynn

The idea for Cusson's Imperial Leather Pride had its genesis in 1996 as a Mardi Gras party costume (refer to Cusson's Imperial Leather Queen), and was designed as a parody of the Cussons Imperial Leather soap advertisment to be staged as the parade enrty for Sydney Leather Pride.  However this organisation did not see the humour in the design concept (pdf format - 212kB), but thankfully Terry Turnoff of the Oxford Hotel did and generously offered to sponsor the group. So we at ethel yarwood enterprises planned to present it anyway as a paraody of Sydney Leather Pride.

Many people express the concern that they are not very creative and do not believe they can contribute to the artistic content of the group when they participate in an ethel yarwood enterprises project. Sue-Ellen Cox believes that everyone is artistic and only needs to be encouraged in a creative environment to develop their skills.

Paul Kidd suggested wearing leather and leis to represent "Tahiti" and to use bubble wands for that interactive element. The original intention was to construct the soap packaging as a helium filled balloon to be floated bove the 4.2 metre height restriction. However this was neither possible (financially or practically) nor within the parade guidelines  Therefore Scott Bird engineered and built the parade entry as a pushable structure and had the brilliant idea of using 3 bubble machines in the base. Alexandros proposed using mylar balloons for the speech bubbles.

What we at ethel yarwood enterprises appreciate is that the basic concept is always enhanced in this environment by the ideas and suggestions of the participants.  Therefore when these ideas are incorporated, the final product is always far better than the original concept.

ethel yarwood enterprises also assisted The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby in the 1999 parade by designing their parade entry (pdf format - 393kB).

model of Cussons Imperial Leather Pride by Amanda Rynn