Alien Registration

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Buzz's Spaceship EQUALITY ONE is currently fully occupied. If there vacancies become available then we have a standby list to draw on therefore we cannot accept any further Alien Registrations. Thank you for your understanding and Happy Mardi Gras.

This fee is used to partly fund this project. For this payment you will receive your your LGM alien costume and guarantees you a berth aboard Buzz RightYear's Star Command Intergalatic Spaceship. EQUALITY ONE.

For a photo of Space Ranger Dan modelling the latest in intergalactic fashion click here.

* Terms and Condtions:

Further Involvement

You can also assist us presenting our message of equality:

Friends of Ethel

Of course the success of ethel yarwood enterprises is due to the contributions of the many Friends of Ethel. We would like to sincerely thank and acknowledge those who have dedicated their valuable time, money and resources to the Buzz RightsYear project.

Registered Aliens


Allan Vella

Andre Kock

Anna Orszaczky

Barry Lewis

Cal Pruiti

Christophe (Pascale)

Dan Godfrey

Dan Henzi

David Smith

David Riddell

Donald Cameron

Ian (Pascale)

Ian Smith

Jean-Thomas Pierson

Jo Bangkok

John Goulder

Karen Rigby

Kathleen McFadzen

Kel Drain

Kevin Ryan

Tim Jones

Rob (Kevin Ryan's mate)

Marty Wong

Meo Mattioli

Mike Day

Nolan Qin

Pascale Boulle

Peter Kingston

Pierre Pulizzi

Philip Cornwell

Philip Davies

Philip Wood

Rob Strang

Rosalba Soto


Scott Hill

Simon Watson

Tom Celebrezze

Ze Aurelio