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Part dress rehearsal Part dress rehearsal Part dress rehearsal Part dress rehearsal Part dress rehearsal Part dress rehearsal


Kate HQ - The BabyShambles Trailer


Kates preparing the marching powder Kate's (the hero) pants Kate in a revealing boob toob The wigs go on I'm ready for my close up (my dress) The wigs go on


A millionaire dollar derriere Kate in a Versace Not Kate, Kate and Kate Sell it Kate Kate in boots Kate in tights


Not for the faint hearted Kate and Kate in Burberry SuperModel!  Turn to the left! I see your picture everywhere This is not fake Burberry You've got nits!


An unwaxed Kate The Kate couple Another million dollar derriere She's beautiful Last minute rehearsal We're late, we're late, for a very important Kate


Pout darlings









Kate deep in thought In transit en masse from HQ to start area Videography and Choreography Kate Single file girls! Work that catwalk Kate Popping in for a nip


Kate and Kate Some quick shopping along the way Arrived at A CON





Start Area


Parade start area Kate with Evan (driver) and support crew (Michael) I see your picture everywhere Kate touching up the artwork Drug paraphenalia c/o Virgin Jorge and bestest friend Kate


Drop me a line sometime No... not that sort of coke This sort of coke! Kate and Kate... again Kate and Kate again... with Kate Just powdering my nose



DON'T SNEEZE! Ultimate glamour Kate in a little black frock Kates with Sydney Mayor and Member for Bligh, Kate Kate and Kate Lining up and rehearsing


The tension mounts as the parade starts You're out of uniform Kate, where's your glasses? Shake your money maker Mirror, mirror... Shit... I've got speed dick! My nose is numb!


Kate and wannabe Kate, Molly Kate and well...Kate! Champers alright for you Kate? Necking it!  CLASSY! Nasal lavarge with champers Another lush


Can't hold your drink Kate? Hold it in! NO COMMENT!







SuperModel... turn to the left Columbian marching powder Just powdering my bum Classy Hoover it up girls You better work BITCH!


You better work BITCH! A SuperModel straw Desparate gutter trash Quick... call an ambulance Another medical emergency Cutting a line


A fashion icon with Burberry Perfect line dancing formation Like bees to the honey pot Like bees to the honey pot Pretty in pink MANACLE - proudly supporting the gay and lesbiam community


Awards Night


Priming up before the big night And the winner is...