1998 - Dick van Dykes on Bikes


mg1998 award night mg1998 Award

Mardi Gras award night, Sydney Town Hall
27th April, 1998.



Dick van Dykes on Bikes was presented with the "Best Community Group" award for the 1998 parade.

27th April, 1998

Firstly, I do not wish to reel of every individual involved in this project, but grateful recognition is due our generous sponsor, Mary, all the "Dicks", Mardi Gras workshop staff and volunteers, parade coordinators, PLWH/A members, Zulu Advertising and the staff at ethel yarwood enterprises.  All these people are well aware of the level of their contribution to the creation of "Dick van Dykes on Bikes".

Mardi Gras is a vital assett to our community and as such, has been an integral part of the advancement of gay and lesbian issues in Australia over the past 20 years.  As a mature entity, we should be comfortable with constructive criticism, should the integrity of this event be in peril of compromise.

So I have just one little concern.

Ownership of Mardi gras is to be employed for the benefit of our community and not as a voice for corporate Australia, its impact, vibrancy and relevance successively diluted by pandering to the whims of big business, who treat our parade as just another sales pitch, not as a forum for the representation of issues pertinent to the lesbian and gay communities.

Chadwicks, Poppy King, FOXTEL.  An unhealthy progression.

Will we see representatives of these companies at the Same Sex Relationships Rally on Wednesday?

The all pervasive voice of $Inc, already has a miriad of resources at its disposal to peddle its messages for the other 364 days of the year.

Mardi Gras... It's about us!! This is our day, let's keep it that way. On our terms.

This award is accepted on behalf of those that have provided such a supportive atmosphere and presented our community with a valuable opportunity to express itself.