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Profile for "sydneymardigras"
Sydney Gay+Lesbian Mardi Gras (24 years old)
Area : NSW - Sydney
Additional Area : Rest of World
City : Erskineville, Sydney , Australia
Last Visit : 21 December 2002
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About Me

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DTE, GSOH, don't believe in labels but I am str8acting.  Looking for someone who knows what thay want and how to get it because I don't.  Generic, No Name, No Frills makes it easier to navigate the life cycle.  The unlabelled don't have to stand up for their rights.  You don't stick out like the proverbial nail, which only gets hammered down into submission, into conformity.  Eventually.  Even after 24 years.  Behave like them.  At least we can pretend to be str8 then the laws also apply to us equally now don't they.  If you can't beat the dominant paradigm, join 'em.

"We are the Board.  You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile."

I reckon I'm the reincarnation of Mahatma Ghandi because we both believe in the philosophy of passive resistance.

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What I'm looking for

The same.  EQUALITY=SAMENESS, doesn't it?  God makes us equal, the government and society conspire and discriminate against us thereby making us unequal, now Sydney Mardi Gras makes us the same.  Niche marketing at its scattergun best.

I want an easy life, not necessarily an equal one.

Other musings

This is the opinion of the imposter - Sun 12 Dec 2002 20:15:59 - Punther of Pinkbored

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We are a Group (Mixed)
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Between the ages of 18 and 99

Personal & Other Information

Occupation : Rather not day
Height : Rather not say
Body Type : Rather not weigh
Ethnic Origins : Rather not pray
Hair Colour : Rather not grey
Eye Colour : Rather not say
Attire : Rather not say
Out : Rather not stay
Dick/Bust Size : Rather not say
Cut/Uncut : Rather not flay
Body Hair : Rather not say
Orientation : Rather not gay
Role : Rather not lay
Practise Safer Sex : Rather not yesterday
Smoke : Rather not Jay
Drink : Rather not tray
Drugs : Rather not pay

My Hobbies
Rather not fray
My Favourite Things
Food Rather not hay
Music Rather not play
Author Rather not May
Film Rather not say
Actor Rather not Ray
Actress Rather not Kay
TV Show Rather not say
Holiday Destination Rather not say
City Rather not say
Country Rather not say
Club Rather not Slay
Bar/Pub Rather not say
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